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Life at Camp

Arrive Thursday July 18th at 1 pm for to set up camp.


Campers welcome, no hookups provided. No loud generators please. 

No Dog Policy for this year. 


Dinner provided Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Vegetarian option. 


Coffee provided Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning. 


Bring your own breakfast and lunch for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. 

Communal Fire for breakfast and lunch- sharing is encouraged! 


Keynote Speaker Thursday evening - Akoth Ambugo "Healing Soils and Souls."

Workshop sessions 

Friday 9-12 and 2-5  Acoustic Session with Bardo Martinez (of Chicano Batman)

Saturday 9-12 and 2-5   Musical performance by SELKIE

Sunday 9-12pm

KIDS CAMP WILL BE DROP OFF , AGES 4 AND UP. Runs during "Workshop Sessions" 

Workshop Sessions will run concurrently. 

Sign-up for sessions with limited supplies at the instructor meet-and-greet Thursday after dinner. 


Portable toilets 

Potable water available 


Please plan to pack out what you bring in- we plan to leave Tillers as beautiful as when we arrived. 


If you are interested in vending, please contact 



What to Pack 





  • Breakfast and Lunch for your camp 

  • Tent/ RV no hookups) / Hammock 

  • Sleeping pads or mattresses

  • Bedding 

  • Closed toes shoes are required for some classes (Leather)

  • Bug spray & Sunscreen

  • Sun hat and other sun protection

  • Mess Kit - Plate, bowl, eating utensils, mug, bottle, cup

  • Something to sit upon 

  • Knife or utility tool 

  • Headlamp ( No candles please!)

  • Backpack or basket to carry items from camp

  • TRASH BAG! We are pack-in  pack-out

Come as you are with all the items you may need to enjoy a weekend in the woods. 


  • Solar powered lights to find tent at night

  • Rugged stroller or wagon

  • Fishing license if you are taking fishing 

  • Items for trade blanket on sunday. Bring any handmade times or treasures you wish to TRADE

  • Rain poncho or jacket 

  • Cash for vendors, and materials fees

  • Bathing suit, you can lay in creek or find a place to jump in the mill pond 

  • Solar powered battery packs

  • Journal 

  • Donations of household goods, tools, books, clothes, etc..... BANDY TREASURES will host a rummage sale for BIPOC sponsorship tickets for 2025. 

Truths we Uphold 

At Earthcraft we are a open community. We will as a, community lend a hand, share, and ask for help when needed.

The flow of camp will be leisurely while jam packed with a choose your own adventure style. 

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