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Welcome to Earthcraft Skillshare!

A Place for Creativity and Learning. Learn how to craft ancient art and make lasting community connections.  
cave painting modern_edited.jpg

“At Earthcraft Skillshare, our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive community where families and individuals come together to celebrate and preserve ancestral skills. Through immersive experiences in crafting, food, and community building, we aim to foster a deep connection with our heritage while promoting sustainability and mutual learning. Our commitment is to provide a family-friendly gathering that not only imparts valuable skills but also nurtures a sense of belonging, respect for nature, and a shared passion for preserving the rich tapestry of ancestral wisdom. Join us on this journey of discovery, 

connection, and celebration of Earth’s diverse and timeless crafts.

​“We envision a gathering where families and individuals come together to not only share ancestral skills but to forge lasting bonds rooted in shared appreciation for tradition, nature, and sustainable living. 

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