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Day & Weekend Passes Available At Gate. 

(No food Tix) 

Family Campout


JULY 18-21, 2024 

Tillers International

Scotts, MI

Come camp with us under the starry summer sky. 

Three days of hands-on ancestral, survival, music, and kids classes. 

Circle round the fire, sharing song and laughter. 

Enjoy a vibrant display of local artisans and crafts people. 


Let's welcome our Keynote Speaker:
Akoth Ambugo

Akoth Ambugo is a Kenyan land steward, beautifier, storyteller, dancer, rain keeper and a connector. 

She finds peace sitting with elders, being in community with family and friends, caring for our collective soul as relatives on this earth school and sharing deep and practical ancient wisdom necessary for the times we are in. After a 20 year journey in the USA, Akoth moved to her home country Kenya for a chance to live more intentionally with the land. She travels back and forth between the US and Kenya to share her journey in hopes of inspiring others to nurture a closer, more meaningful walk with the great mother. Earth.

Friday Night

Acoustic Set by :
Bardo Martinez


Lead Singer of Latin indy band Chicano Batman, dubbed Los Angeles's "House Band." He's a  singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer. This will be a musical journey to charm all. 

Saturday Night Performance



Selkie is a trio of dynamic Celtic musicians who play traditional music and original music with a trademark intensity and drive. The sounds of flute, fiddle, bouzouki, banjo, guitar, accordion, and harp are woven into Selkie's music, along with the vocal harmonies they use for their songs. 

Class Offerings


Meet the Instructors


Tales of Southwest Michigan's Past
By Michael Delaware

Thankful and Thrilled – Hear Us on the Podcast!

The Earthcraft Skillshare Mission

​"We envision a gathering where families and individuals come together to not only share ancestral skills but to forge lasting bonds rooted in shared appreciation for tradition, nature, and sustainable living."

Hands-On Learning
Ancestral Skills
Expert Instructors

At Earthcraft Skillshare, we provide a welcoming space for everyone to learn and connect through traditional crafts. Our community of instructors are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience with you. Join us for a unique and enriching experience!

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